Biltong Basic Spice

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This is the basic mix of herbs you need for every occasion in your home production. We use this basic mix of spices in our own process for over 5 years now. This is the key to helping you to get the best results.

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This is a must-have product for homemade drying. We've been producing this mix of spices since 2011. We found inspiration traveling in South Africa and are proud to say that you won't find anything like this on the local market.


salt (max 30%) pepper coriander garlic

Use 20-25 grams of our basic spices per kilo of meat. (If you're going to dry biltong, don't forget the Apple Cider Vinegar.)

Become a true biltong master

There is a precise procedure for making biltong. Everyone can adapt the recipe to their taste, but we'll help you get the basics under your skin in the beginning, so you can become a biltong master as quickly as possible. So in the beginning just remember:

  • do not add any additional salt, it is already included in our base.
  • don't try replacing apple cider vinegar with wine vinegar
  • fatty meat is not always bad, in the case of biltong, fat is a flavour enhancer
  • a proper biltong is dried for a very long time and always whole

Homemade drying step by step

We're here to help your dried meat process in any way possible. Below is our step-by-step guide for creating dried meat at home and we think you'll produce great results with it!

Step 1: Slicing+

First of all cleanse the meat. Remove all tendons and binders. Slice the meat into small and thin pieces. If you have a larger drier, you can slice your meat to bigger pieces.

Step 2: Seasoning+

You must season the meat before you begin the marinating process. For this you can use our Biltong Basic Spice. Use 20 grams of our spice per 1 kilogram of meat. Stir it well in a large bowl with the meat.

Step 3: Marinating+

Put the seasoned meat into the box and pour our Apple Vinegar on top of it. Close the box and let the meat marinate for 12 hours at minimum. Turn the box upside down after couple of hours for better marination. Vinegar is great preservative which will release all the threads. After the drying process is finished, the meat won´t be too hard.

Step 4: Flavoring+

Take the marinated meat out of the box. Let the vinegar disappear and then put the meat in the bowl. If you don´t want flavored meat, skip this step. But if you want to have meat with some flavor, add our spice (Chilli, Mustard, Piri-Piri, Garlic). Use 6 - 8 grams of spice per 1 kilogram of fresh meat. You can alter this ratio to meat your taste. Mix the spice equally and then put the meat into the drier.

Step 5: Drying+

If you use a fruit dryer, spread the meat on the plates so they don't touch each other. If you use an oven, you can hang the meat on hooks. Be sure to put a metal sheet underneath to catch any dripping vinegar. If you have a drier with bad air flow, rearrange the meat after couple of hours so that the meat is equally dried.

The meat is dried at a low temperature. We want to dry it, not roast it. If you like the meat more tender, you can take it out of the drier after 6-8 hours. After drying, take the meat out and let it rest for a couple of hours.

Step 6: Packaging+

If you're drying larger portions of meat that you don't plan to eat within a few days, this step is crucial to properly preserving your final product.The best solution is to pack it in an impermeable bag. If you don't have that option, a classic oxygen absorber is a good solution too.



Don't know how to start? We'll give you a recipe!

Read our recipes, where we clearly tell and show you how to dry jerky, biltong and other meat products you know from our shop.

Read the recipes

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