Kangaroo Biltong 40g

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Featuring the perfect meat for preparing biltong: Kangaroo! Backed up by our original spice mixture. Soak up the atmosphere of the Australian bush and taste this exotic delicacy...

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Another limited edition. Another exotic meat. This time from the bushes of Australia. What is more iconic animal for this continent than kangaroo? Not everyone knows that kangaroo meat has less fat than chicken or beef. On top of that it is perfect for making dried meat. It tastes like venison, therefore we trust that the most demanding customers will like it.

Enjoy this guilt-free pleasure

Our mix of basic herbs leads to the perfect snack for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, fishing or golf. With our 100% Czech meat, you always know what you're getting. 

So whether you're hunting for low-carb biltong to be your go-to keto snack or just need a clean, portable source of protein, you’ve found it here. 

high in protein no sugar gluten-free no allergens no preservatives

Five key steps to our process

We believe that simple is always better. Not only with our ingredients but also in process.

  1. At the heart of our Biltong is Czech beef. We hand slice the best cuts and prepare them for seasoning.
  2. We then season the strips in our time-tested blend of vinegar, pepper, coriander, and salt. This is the basic mix of herbs you need for every occasion in your home production too.
  3. The seasoned strips are then carefully placed and allowed to marinate, giving them an extraordinary depth of flavor, which brings out the true quality of the ingredients.
  4. HANG DRY! Air drying is what makes our biltong truly unique from other prepared meats – especially jerky. We never apply high heat or dehydrate the meat, keeping the beef’s nutritional integrity intact and avoiding the super chewy texture of jerky.
  5. Last, we hand slice each strip into thin pieces using the traditional South African method of cutting against the grain.

That’s it! We hope you will love the taste of our fantastic biltong!


Real, simple ingredients that are easy to understand and pronounce. That’s why you’ll never see preservatives, nitrates, nitrites, or msg in our ingredients.

czech beef coriander pepper garlic salt apple vinegar


Nutrition facts

Serving Size - 100 g
Energy (kJ/kcal)
Fat 4 g
whereof saturated fat 2 g
Carbohydrates < 1 g
of which sugar 0 g 
Protein 63 g
Salt 2 g

Additional parameters

Category: Biltong
Meat Type: Kangaroo
Flavor: Original
Package: 40g
Origin: Czechia

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