Zavod ZRNJE – The Institute for Promoting a Healthy and Safe Life is a non-governmental, non-profit and humanitarian organization that was founded with the idea and desire to raise awareness and educate children and adults in the field of healthy and safe living.


Zavod ZRNJE implements its mission, which includes providing a healthier and safer life for children and adults by activating Slovenian and international professional and material resources.

The programs and projects of Zavod ZRNJE are implemented in the whole of Slovenia and in the regions of South-Eastern Europe and Africa.

Slovenian consumers are increasingly aware of the fact that by intervening in local food we get the assurance that such food did not travel hundreds of kilometers to help local food, local producers and processing, and to preserve our jobs. We are already aware, to a large extent, that as a consumer, we have an impact to reverse the trend of a steady increase in food imports to our advantage and to reduce the drastic number of annual food imports.


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