Biltong en Provence

We areClement & Elodie, living in France but with hearts in South Africa. We fell in love with South Africa in 2011 and decided in 2016 that Biltong is way too good not to be discovered by our fellow frenchies!

As we were born in the wonderful area of Provence, we naturally chose our beef from a famous french breed. These small, but wild black cows from the wetlands of Camargue! They are called "Taureaux" but they are not only bulls! Since we wanted the best pieces for a quality and lean Biltong, we use only rump steak slices. Meat, freshly ground spices and nothing else is all what it takes to produce our delicious Biltong En Provence. Simple, tasty and homemade with love!

You can discover and enjoy our 4 different flavours without added preservatives. The Original one with black pepper and coriander, the Spicy one with chili, the Garrigue one with garlic and herbs, and the Tonic one with ginger and soy sauce.

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