Grizzly Foods

We modernize the oldest snackfood in human history with our Beef Jerky: dried meat. Thin strips of the best pasture beef are marinated and seasoned with natural ingredients. After that they get slowly air-dried in a special drying process. We are producing out of 350g fresh pasture beef to our specially developed recipe 100g Beef Jerky. Without flavor enhancers, preservatives or other additives; low in fat and sugar, very high in protein and full of flavor.

Grizzly Snacks Beef Jerky is the best for those who want to snack healthy. If you are in the office or at the university, on journeys, in sports, camping and even in diets - our jerky is the light ( < 2% carbohydrates) and uncomplicated, healthy and high-protein (> 70% protein) snack and the best alternative to fast food or sweets.


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