Külbs Biltong

Vast landscapes, warm temperatures: the cattle on namibian farms roam freely all year round on the untreated, sunny and large areas together with springbok, kudu and oryx antelope and other wild animals. Although the drinking water is guaranteed through groundwater resources, the climatic conditions with extended dry spells demand a prudent and foresighted use of the pastures. Allergens, concentrated feed and fattening are completely dispensed with in rearing. The animals grow up in a sustainable, species-appropriate, and natural way, which ensures healthy development. Nature you can taste.

Family business

Two brothers – two continents The Külbs family has been farming cattle sustainably since the late 1950s on their farm „Springbockvley“(*), about two hours south-east of Windhoek. After Valentin and Jonathan early lost their father in a tragic accident, the still quite young men decided to maintain their family farm. While Jonathan with his wife Svenja continues the actual farm operations (now in the third generation), Valentin serves and expands the market in Europe. The aim is to leave more and services, as well as the reduction of intermediate trade levels.

Original taste, original quality. Biltong is dried beef, 100% natural in ingredients and manufacturing. It is air-dried (not cooked!), contains no additives apart from the seasoning. After an old family recipe, it is manufactured in quality standards and imported exclusively by us to Europe. Short production routes and a short supply chain ensure sustainability. A traditional product that is part of everyday life in Namibia and supports a sporty and health-conscious lifestyle: Lots of protein (>51%), less than 1% sugar. In the high-quality, resealable packaging, it is ideal as a healthy snack for in between during outdoor activities, sports, and other activities at work and in leisure time.

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