Smally's Biltong

Smally's Biltong was founded in 2015. After returning from two years in Grahamstown, South Africa, the founder fell in love with the beefy snack and set out with the aim to produce the most authentic South African snacks the UK has seen.

As well as supplying the general public, Smally’s Biltong is also available to any butchers, farm shop owner, sports team or any retail business where biltong would be suited. At Smally’s Biltong, we only ever use UK and Irish grass-fed beef, we feel that this makes the difference between good biltong and great biltong!

Whether you are a keen sports-person looking for that extra boost of protein or someone looking to have a bite with a cold beer or glass of red, Smally’s is perfect for everyone, at any time of day.

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